Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary


August 15, 1938, the cornerstone of the church of the Blessed Mary Assumption in Bukovec was consecrated, and immediately after that, construction began. At the place where now stands the memorial to victims of the Second World War, was a lime kiln. On 18 June 1939, a new church was consecrated. A relics of the martyrs St. Clement, the pope living in the 1st century, and Sicilian monk St. Placid from the 6th century were saved to altars. Even during the construction of the church, in 1938, the Committee (Committee for the building of the church in Bukovec led by the director of the Polish School of Henryk Doffka) received an agreement for for the construction of the cemetery with cemetery chapel. On August 15, 1939, the consecration of the cemetery and church bells was held. In 1999, a reconstruction of the church was accomplished which was largely endowed by the faithful in  Bukovec and parish. Residents of the village performed all the work, i.e., expanded the sacristy and choir, conducted the replacement of all the doors of the church for a new oak, the church was newly plastered, new pavement around the church was laid. Other significant investments were used in 2008. The iron windows were replaced with oak wood, a storage heater was replaced, electrical installation was repaired, and new furniture for sacristy was purchased. Three years later,   a tabernacle was decorated with gold. In 2013, the sacrificial table was replaced with new one marble.

Extended history of the church can be found in the book "Bukovec - the easternmost village in the Czech Republic" on p. 97.



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