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Fabulous Bukovec - this time mainly for kids

The Bukovec municipality in its territory built an educational center with circuit inspired by tales from nine European countries, supplements by footpath for bare feet and a rope labyrinth. The attraction uses of the local potential of the international environment, since in the immediate vicinity Bukovec, borders of three countries are joined - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

The main objective of the attraction is to introduce visitors the local area, as well as landscapes of other European states by new, less usual way - through presentations by known fairy creatures surrounded by vegetation typical for the country. You can, therefore, meet Sleeping Beauty, the sleeping girl on a sofa bench between roses and lavender, Prince Bajaja near the national trees - the group of lindens, Little Red Riding Hood on a flowering herb grass or ugly duckling and other creatures carved from wood, inspired by tales from nine different States. You can also use the trail for bare feet, on which people walk through moss, cones or stones and rope maze called labyrinth. The educational track combines a relaxation and entertainment with knowledge of national customs and nature.

Date of insertion: 26. 10. 2016 18:33
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