Educational in-line fitness trail

in Bukovec

Dear visitors, guests, tourists, pilgrims, wanderers, wayfarers, neighbors, my friends. We are pleased to announce that the municipality Bukovec, where in recent years more and more tourists are coming, completed another project that significantly extends our offer.

Along the main road leading from the “U Turka” pub almost to the Kempa Hotel is built educational in-line fitness trail with two outdoor fitness centers. Hikers, in-line skaters, and cyclists as well can use the trail. It includes chill-out areas with relatively large outdoor equipment, which includes stretching and outdoor exercise machines, and information boards with texts in three languages ​​- Czech, English, and Polish.

These centers are located in each of two fitness sectors. Through the information table, expert instruction expert for stretching, a description how efficiently use such machines as well as the necessary information to the physiology of the human body. Visitors who focused on healthy lifestyle, maintaining good fitness come into their own.

The conception of in-line fitness trail

The lower part follows the pavement from Pisek village, extends it, and gives users a much safer walking or driving example by in-line skates. In its top portion is bound to Tourist attraction – tour Europe. At the top end of the Education in-line fitness trail, a wide range of interesting activities can visitor perform. You can visit a Skibar or Hotel Kempa restaurant or go along the Olza river in Poland and continue to the easternmost point of the Czech Republic. Another possibility is to hike a steep slope to the Kempa hill and enjoy the wide-open scene of Silesian Beskid.

The aim of the project Education in-line fitness trail was not only boosted tourism in the Jablunkov region but also to improve the local infrastructure.


Ing. Mgr. Josef Byrtus
The deputy mayor of the municipality


Bukovec village received a grant from the ROP NUTS II Moravia 2007-2013 on the realization of the project "Educational in-line fitness trail," reg. No. CZ.1.10 / 2 Feb. 00 / 11.01157

Created: 21. 11. 2016
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