Kempaland Ski resort

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+420 723 560 697


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Come to ski to the easternmost place in the Czech Republic. We have a plenty of snow in the area which is provided by an automatic snowmaking system. The vertical distance is 120 m, and therefore it is suitable for beginners, families with children, advanced, more demanding, more experienced skiers, school lessons, but also for all those who want to enjoy winter pleasures.

Location and access

Kempaland Ski Resort is located on the north side of the Kempa hill, on the periphery of Bukovec, near the main road. You can get here by car from the Jablunkov city directly to the Poland border. The nearest train station is Navsi; then you can use a bus directly to Bukovec.

Coordinates GPS: 49 ° 33'22.063 "N, 18 ° 50'8.557" E

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