Nature preserve


The nature preserve is located about 100 meters from the easternmost point of the Czech Republic. A nature trail which leads towards preserve includes 7 pauses in the form of information boards including board called Nature Preserve Bukovec-Olecky.

The main object of protection is to protect a number of rare and endangered plants bounded to biotope of waterlogged peat meadows and the adjacent forest.

In the meadows occurs Briza media, Linum catharticum, Polygala vulgarit, Rhinanthus minor, Viola canina. Very precious is the small population of the critically endangered Senecio subalpinus.

In most waterlogged parts of the meadows occurs Eriophorum angustifolium, Parnassia palustris, Pedicularis palustris, Platanthera biofolia, Gentiana asclepiadea, Valeriana dioica,  Chrysaspis spadicea, Dactylorhiza majalis. Surveys also showed some interesting bryophytes - Brachythecium mildeanum, Jungermania leiantha and Rhytidiadelphus subpinnatus.

GPS position
N 49 ° 33.391 ', E 18 ° 50.118'

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